Legit Teams

Legit teams use git.

Private git repository hosting tailored for small teams. Unlimited repositories and collaborators.

A Tailored Experience

College students, individuals, and freelancers with numerous private projects don't yet have a repository-hosting service tailored to them. What these groups need is a simple way to view, manage, and collaborate on repositories. Due to their limited budgets, hosting services that charge per repository clash with the number of projects these groups have. And those that charge per collaborator stifle innovation by preventing productive group work. These options don't make sense.

What's missing is a private repository service tailored for small teams. And that’s why we created Legit Teams. We provide you with easy repository setup, a clean code viewing interface, and a simple way to manage collaboration. In return, you pay for space. You get unlimited collaborators and unlimited repositories, as these cost us nearly nothing. It’s that simple.

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As developers ourselves, we know how important it is to make the code and projects we look at all day beautiful. Our interface focuses on this, turning the usual command-line plainness into an eye-pleaser!


Traverse through your repository files with ease. Switch revisions with a few clicks and see who made what change when with our side-by-side diffs. Add collaborators with individual permissions and view dashboard notifications to see what activity they've been up to. Rest assured your data is safe, as it's hosted on Amazon's Web Services. And since we use our own system while developing, improvements are a win-win for both you and us, so set your expectations high!


Why should you be limited on the number of repositories or collaborators you need? Our pricing is simple, charging you only for the space you use. Try our free account now or jump straight into premium for $3.00 per month!