Howdy! Who is behind Legit Teams, you ask?

About Karthik Viswanathan

Legit Teams was created by Karthik Viswanathan. Karthik is an undergraduate student at Stanford University. He was first introduced to computer science in the form of Java during the summer of 8th grade in middle school. After experiencing his first taste of programming, Karthik couldn't stop; he continued to pursue the field throughout high school, where he took CS classes, participated in robotics, and worked on numerous websites. Outside of his coding endeavors, Karthik is a big fan of ultimate frisbee and will play with his friends whenever possible. He also loves to teach and is currently a section leader for the introductory computer science classes at Stanford. You can find out more about Karthik at his personal website.

About Ayush Sood

Ayush Sood promptly joined the team when presented with the idea. Ayush is also an undergraduate student at Stanford University. He is studying both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. A hacker at heart, he loves making and breaking things. Outside his passion for engineering, he also loves to play Frisbee and hang out with friends. He has a website, but it has nothing on it - so there is no point in linking to it.